The Juice with Maven Lee | Do you have JELLY? Thanks please ! The New Orleans gem Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph of Tank the Bangas & Galactic

Many of us know this bubbling brown musical queen but for those that just might be out of this whimsical loop let us introduce you. Her name is Anjelika Joseph aka Ms. Jelly if you nasty. This New Orleans native is a whole vibe of her own. The kind of vibe that you want to feel. Jelly is a supporting vocalist and member of the GRAMMY nominated super group TANK and the Bangas. And she is also an ear-gasmic featured vocalist with GALACTIC, the legendary Nola funk band that toured the world with Macy Gray.

Galactic with Anjelika Jelly Joseph

Jelly brings a noticeable energy to the stage that is hard to keep your eyes off of. Her eclectic riffs and runs and creative adlibs take you on a journey into wonderland. She’s traveled the world sharing her voice, and charisma but she never leaves the heart of New Orleans behind.

Always the vibe!

We love to see her anytime she’s on the stage and just like most folks that simply get a glimpse into her musical adventures you’ll be like everyone else waiting for any project with her on it to drop.

Jelly is a gem. A humble presence of artistic excellence. When you see artist this creative, with a genuine spirit to share their emotions raw and unfiltered you must appreciate it. You have to treasure that there is still authentic singers in the world. Shout out to Miss Jelly if you’re nasty.

Published by Maven Lee

Maven Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, advocate, fitness professional, and motivational speaker. He has several years of entertainment experience as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and poet. Logik is also a legend in the underground ball scene.

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